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uLynk SMS (Text Messaging) Platform

uLynk offers users an easy to use SMS communication and database management service that enables them to communicate with their customers, employees, and clients in real time via text message about specials, promotions and other time sensitive information. With uLynk, users can build multiple text lists by simply having their cell users join in three ways. 1. by texting in a keyword to their localized number; 2. by signing on the uLynk directory; and 3. by signing up on a mobile landing page. Once this happens, users can then send messages to their opt-in subscribers about whatever they want. Check out some more of our features below.


With this tool you can schedule SMS messages in the future on exact dates and time.   Great for mass reminders for teams or groups.

Social Media Integration

With uLynk’s social media integration tool you can share your SMS blasts to Facebook and Twitter, ultimately leading to more subscribers.

Appointment Reminders

Are you having trouble your customers missing appointments?  uLynk’s appointment reminders make it easy to remind your customers about important meetings.

Upload unlimited contacts

Adding an already existing database is easy as uploading a file, it will automatically add your phone numbers.


By setting up an auto response message, there’s no need to respond to each new subscriber you get because the software does it for you.

Two-Way Communication

Our two way communication  tool allows your to talk directly to your subscribers informing about contest winners or getting their feedback.

Change Local Number

We have access to local numbers in 27 countries and if you request a number change you can at an additional fee.


View subscribers, how many text messages sent and received and profile views on uLynk’s directory page

Website Widget and Facebook App

With our website widget and Facebook app you can easily gain subscribers from Facebook and your website more effectively.

Message History

Check back and see which messages have been sent out and to which customers.

Edit Company Profile

Edit business address, contact information, social media links, website, pictures and keyword tags

Order Materials

We provide full service marketing management and branding services.   Let us know what we can help you get designed or printed.  Just upload your file and tell us what you want.

Text on the go

uLynk’s text on the go feature allows users to send mass texts to their list by replying SEND (SPACE) (MESSAGE). Users can also get account statistics by replying STATS.

Instant Notifications

With uLynk’s instant notification feature you can receive sms and email messages about new subscribers who join your text list.

SEO Optimized Directory Listing

uLynk provides users with an SEO optimized directory listing with a backend that allows you to update photos, hours, address, phone number, keywords, email contact form, and a SMS widget for text subscribers. With this feature users will gain increased web visibility.
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